While traveling abroad one of the main things that has been the hardest for me to adapt to is the language barrier. In the Czech Republic we have been taking Czech language classes so in the Czech republic is has been getting easier as we progress in our class. For example When we went on … More miscommunication

Tips and Tricks

While being aboard on this program we have the opportunity to travel a lot. I have say though it is a little bit different traveling while already abroad. When we travel most of the time it has been by cheap European flights so we most of time only allowed a personal item, so we most … More Tips and Tricks

Krakow, Poland

This past weekend we took a field trip to Krakow, Poland. This weekend was filled with lots learning. The whole weekend I had a heavy heart as we learned a lot about what happened in Poland during WWII. It is all so devastating and I still do not understand how human beings can be so … More Krakow, Poland


This past weekend was another free weekend and this weekend in particular was one we were looking forward to for a long time. We had this trip planned for little over a month so the anticipation was growing. I had high expectations for this trip, and to say the least they were met. We left … More Amsterdam

Life in Olomouc

It has been about a month since I have arrived here in Olomouc. It has taken some adjusting to the different lifestyle, but so far I love it! One of the first things I had to get use to was the public transportation. Here in Olomouc we use the tram system to get around. This … More Life in Olomouc